Electric Forklift 40/45/50B-9


The 9-series Hyundai electric forklifts are the best heavy duty electric forklifts from the house of Hyundai. The machines offer everything you can ask for for a superlative performance. Be it power output, energy economy or operator comfort & safety, you only get top-notch features with these machines.

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    Equipment UNIT 40B-9 45B-9 50B-9
    Capacity Kg 4000 4500 4990
    Load Centre 500 500 500
    Voltage / Battery Ah 80V / 700AH 80V / 700AH 80V / 700AH
    Minimum Turning Radius 2670 2670 2705
    Gradient 23 21 19
    Tyres Solid/ Pneumatic / Non Marking Solid/ Pneumatic / Non Marking Solid/ Pneumatic / Non Marking
    Type of Drive Control AC AC AC


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.

Superior performance

High-Performance Motors

The all-powerful drive & pump AC motor offers high power output, coupled with high energy efficiency and extended maintenance cycles. Additionally, the dual drive motor allows for compact turning.

Auto Fork Levelling

The feature automatically stops tilting the fork when it has gone back to the straight position. The machines come with a provision for this feature.

Curve Control for Smooth Turning

The machine’s speed is automatically reduced on turns depending on the turning radius. This results in a smooth & convenient turning experience.

Anti-Rollback System For Slopes

The feature offers great stability on slopes as it prevents the machine from rolling back when idle.

Improved productivity

Advanced 5” LCD Information Monitor

The graphic smart display allows easy and efficient operation by displaying information about speed & accelerator level, steer angle & travel direction, battery discharge indicator, hour meter & working modes. It comes with a 12-language support feature as well.

Spacious Operator Cabin

The spacious cabin is based on human engineering design, which increases the comfort level of the operator and increases productivity.

Comfortable Full Suspension Seat

Based on human engineering design, the super comfortable seat provides great comfort to the operator and reduces fatigue.

Ergonomically Pedals for Operator Comfort

The accelerator and brake pedals are optimally positioned according to human engineering, for high convenience while operating the machine.

Advanced safety

Wide Visibility

The operator gets a wide view of the environment in front of him due to the optimized position of the lift cylinder.

Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)

This feature prevents the machine from being driven and the mast being tilted, lifted or lowered until the operator is not properly seated in the cabin. It adds an extra layer of safety by preventing any mishaps at work.

Strong Overhead Guard

The high-strength overhead guard exceeds EEC and ANSI regulations and protects the operator from unexpected hazards.

Advanced Fork Safety Features

A safety valve controls the speed of the fork when it is lowered, for smooth operation. Also, it prevents the fork from suddenly dropping down in case of hydraulics failure.

Easy maintenance

Easy Battery Replacement

The battery can be easily checked for issues and even removed or replaced sideways through the battery compartment.

Brake Oil Reservoir With Level Sensor

When brake oil level becomes lower than minimum, the warning lamp on the cluster lights on to alert the operator.

Battery Disconnect Lever & Emergency Switch

It is designed to immediately switch off the m/c in case of any emergency.

Power Disc Brake

The caliper brakes allows for quick breaking and come with easily replaceable brake pads.

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