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The Hyundai Reach Trucks are designed for double-deep pallet storage in warehouse racks. They allow for easy placement and collection of objects situated deep in the racks. Moreover, they also help to increase the storage density of material. These machines are a superb cost-effective solution for your advanced warehousing needs.

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    Equipment UNIT 15BRP-9 18BRP-9 20BRP-9 20BRP-9
    Capacity Kg 1400 1800 2000 2300
    Load Centre mm 600 610 610 610
    Voltage / Battery Ah 36V / 700AH 36V / 600AH 36V / 700AH 36V / 700AH
    Minimum Turning Radius mm 1856 1665 1712 1819
    Gradient % 13
    Tyres Solid Rubber, Superelastic, Pneumatic, Polyurethane Solid Rubber, Superelastic, Pneumatic, Polyurethane Solid Rubber, Superelastic, Pneumatic, Polyurethane Solid Rubber, Superelastic, Pneumatic, Polyurethane
    Type of Drive Control AC AC AC AC


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.


Minimum Turning Radius for Easy Maneuvering

The machine’s compact design allows for faster operation and thus increased productivity while loading or unloading in narrow aisles.

Versatile Reach Stroke

The machine’s multi-roller reach assembly facilitates a very smooth and safe fork handling during extended reach.

Reliable & Efficient Motors

The AC Drive Motor and Pump Motors are designed to give you optimum power output while consuming less energy. Additionally, they come with temperature sensors to warn the operator when the machine is being overused.

State-of-the-Art Hydraulic System

The latest, large-capacity hydraulic system ensures faster loading, unloading, while also offering great stability. Additionally, the Low Noise Control Valve helps to increase efficiency and durability.

Improved productivity

Smooth Power Steering for Better Operability

The Electric Power Steering allows the operator to effortlessly control the machine even in narrow spaces. Also, the steering wheel automatically aligns itself to the center when the key is switched on.

Easy Joystick Controls for Performing Machine Functions

Just at the touch of a button, the operator can effortlessly perform traction, fork lifting-lowering, fork tilting, side-shift and reach in-out operations.

Advanced 3.5” LCD Information Monitor

The operator can operate & maintain the machine in best way by easily viewing important information like speed, steer angle, travel direction, battery status, hour meter, working mode, system fault, and other such important data.

Easy Load & Fork Height Checking

The load sensor removes the need to manually track the load weight and fork height to enable fast operation. It also warns the operator when machine is overloaded.


High Mast Visibility for Safe Operation

A wider view of the environment ensures safety during operations and also increases accuracy.

Non-Slip Floor Mat for Better Operator Comfort

A heavy floor mat not only reduces operator fatigue by dampening vibrations, but also provides better grip during standing operation.

Protection Fence for Additional Safety

A fence is installed between mast and operator room for increased safety against hazards. Optionally, a tempered glass fence can also be installed.

Strong Overhead Guard

It protects the operator from any objects that may fall from above on the work site.

Durability & easy maintenance

Easy Battery Replacement

The battery can be easily checked for issues and even removed or replaced sideways through the battery compartment. The rollers under the battery allow for easy movement without damage.

Concentrated Fuse Box

The concentrated box enables easy inspection all fuses in one place.

Safe Emergency Switch

It is designed to provide additional safety by easily switching off the machine in case of any emergency.

Easy Hydraulic Oil Checking

The indicator installed on the outside of the hydraulic oil tank enables easy tracking of oil levels.

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