Diesel Forklifts 70DF-7


With the Hyundai 70DF-7 forklift, expect your productivity to be multiplied! Its powerful engine lets you move heavy loads with great ease. Its state-of-the-art hydraulics system lets you operate loads smoothly. And the machine’s smart design enables easy maintenance as well.

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    MODEL UNIT 60DF-7 70DF-7
    Load Centre mm 600 600
    Capacity Kg 6000 7000
    Make -Engine HMC D4DD HMC D4DD
    Flywheel Power(gross) hp @ rpm 100.1 @ 2300 100.1 @ 2300
    Tyres Solid/ Pneumatic / Non Marking Solid/ Pneumatic / Non Marking
    Transmission Automatic Automatic
    Minimum Turning Radius 3396 3442
    Gradient 43.1 38.5


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.

Superior performance

Powerful & Efficient Hyundai D4DD Engine

Deliver the best-in-class performance with the powerful 70 kW engine without compromising on fuel economy. The engine meets Tier-III and EU-stage IIIA emission regulations as well.

State-of-the-art Hydraulic System

Experience noise-free and smooth operational flow with the next-gen hydraulic system. This large-capacity system reacts instantly during operations, thus increasing both efficiency and durability.

Increased Mast Tilting Angle for Better Loading and Unloading

With a mast tilting angle of 15° forward & 10° backward, loading and unloading jobs can be performed more effectively. The handy Down Control Valve enables smooth raising and lowering of the mast without accidents.

Faster Travel Speed & Improved Gradeability

The machine’s powerful engine provides faster travel speed (22.7 kmph) so you can complete work quickly. The enhanced gradeability (loaded: 21.06°) offers imparts ease of operation on uneven terrains as well.

Comfortable operation

Easily Adjustable Suspension Seat

The super comfortable seat is specially designed with human engineering standards, which ensure maximum operator comfort and usability.

Smooth Power Steering for Easy Operability

The fully hydrostatic power steering allows for effortless control of the machine while driving. As a result, it increases operator’s convenience and productivity.

Operator-Friendly Monitoring Panel

The panel is designed keeping maximum ease-of-operation in mind. It shows 13 stats about the machine, so the operator faces zero hassles to check machine information.

Full-Floating Overhead Guard Mount

Vibration absorbing rubber seals are installed between the guard and truck frames to minimise any noise or vibration in the long run. This feature also keeps the guard secured and enhances the operator’s safety.

Advanced safety

High Visibility

A wider view of the mast enables the operator to work with increased accuracy, speed and safety.

Strong Overhead Guard

The quality and make of the safety overhead guard exceeds EEC and ANSI regulations and thus protects the operator from any hazard.

Best-in-class Ground Clearance of 195 mm for Engine Safety

The vehicle’s 195 mm ground clearance keep the engine and transmission safe at all times. The engine is secured in a protective frame to avoid any damage to critical components even while operating on rugged surfaces.

Heavy-Duty Monolithic Frame

Carefully designed single unit type frame guarantees longer equipment life, high durability and safety. The frames are made as per accurate structural analysis to ensure efficiency.

Easy maintenance

Easily Accessible Large Engine Hood With Self-locking Gas Spring

An ideal arrangement of component parts ensures fast access and convenience for maintenance. Additionally, a self-locking gas spring holds the engine compartment hood open for added safety and convenience.

Easily Accessible Air Cleaner & Radiator

The air cleaner and radiator can be accessed quickly to check their condition and for also for maintenance works.

Easy Access To Electrical Components

Various electric parts, like fuses, are centrally located in the dashboard which helps for quick and easy maintenance.

Electrically Monitored Air Filter

The operator is automatically alerted when there are critical blockages in air filter. It allows for timely replacement before damage.

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