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Hyundai’s order pickers provide superior power and performance to make your order handling quick and easy. They offers high standards of safety and comfort to the operators. The equipment is electrically powered and offers minimum turning radius making it your super-efficient warehouse partner.

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    Equipment UNIT 10BOP-7 13BOP-7
    Capacity kg 1000 1300
    Load Centre mm 600 600
    Voltage / Battery V/AH 48/ 300 48/ 400
    Minimum Turning Radius mm 1769 1818
    Tyres Solid - Urethane Solid - Urethane


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.


Minimum Turning Radius

The machine’s compact design allows for faster operation and thus increased productivity while loading or unloading in narrow aisles.

Smooth Power Steering

The Electric Power Steering allows the operator to effortlessly control the machine even in narrow spaces.

Electromagnetic Brakes

The electromagnetic brake provides increased braking power as well as stability.

Guide Roller

When the machine enters an aisle, the wheel positions can be locked at centre alignment. So, the driver can easily and safely pick items from racks without having to steer or drive the machine.

Improved productivity

Multifunctional Control Lever

All the main machine functions are designed ergonomically to offer great convenience to the operator. The operator can raise and lower the platform, drive forward or reverse and even blow the horn with just one hand.

Pallet Clamp Pedal

The pallet can be easily clamped and released just with the push of a pedal.

3 Convenience Devices

An operator room lamp, a cooling fan and a work lamp is provided to offer extra convenience at work to the operator.

Automatic Center Positioning

When the machine starts, the wheels of the machine automatically get aligned to centre position. Thus providing additional convenience to the operator.


Safety Belt & Side Bar

The side bar provides necessary support to the operator while working on raised platforms. The safety belt protects the operator from falling in case they lose balance.

Wider Mast View

A wider view of the environment ensures safety during operations and also increases accuracy

Strong Overhead Guard

The quality and safety regulations of the overhead guard are way above the EEC and ANSI standards. So the operator is well-protected from any unforeseen accidents at work.

Travel Speed Control

The travel speed of the machine is controlled according to the steering angle & height of the platform for enhanced safety. Additionally, if the platform is raised over 5500 mm, it automatically blocks the machine from travelling.

Easy maintenance

Self-Diagnostic LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor automatically displays important information like operation error, system fault, battery level, hour meter, etc. This makes it very easy to check machine health and troubleshoot problems.

Concentrated Fuse Box

The concentrated box enables easy inspection all fuses in one place.

Emergency Switch

It is designed to be easily and instantly switch off the machine in case of any emergency.

Main Control Valve

MCV is easy accessible for regular service check and scheduled maintenance.

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