Mini Excavators R35Z-9


The R35 Z-9 Hyundai excavator is the machine made for agriculture and civil earth-moving activities. Its specifications and features are best-in-class. With this machine, you can be assured that you will always get maximum work done at minimum fuel consumption.

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    Equipment UNIT R35
    Engine Model Yanmar 3TNV88
    Gross Power (HP) hp @ rpm 27.3 @ 2200
    Operating Weight Kgs 3750
    Bucket Range cu.m 0.11
    Swing speed rpm 9.5
    Travel speed, high/ low km/hr 4.5/2.5
    Max. digging reach on ground mm 5240
    Max. digging Depth mm 3150
    Tail swing radius mm 870
    Bucket digging force kgf. 3200
    Arm crowd force kgf. 1990


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.


Powerful Engine

The Tier 4-certified Yanmar 3TNV88 engine is built with a gross power of 27.3 HP @2200 rpm to provide high power output, optimum fuel economy, and reduced noise.

Zero Tail Swing

The short tail swing radius allows the operator work without problems in narrow spaces, like alleys, in urban areas.

Fast Swing Speed

Fast synchronization between the joystick and Main Control Valve results in faster response, smooth operation and improved operation cycles.

High Bucket Digging Forces

The Hydraulics and attachments are designed to offer high digging forces.


Boom Swing Function

This function is designed for easier work in congested residential and urban areas. The boom can be offset left or right within an operating range.

Comfortable Operator Cabin

The operator cabin is smartly designed to increase operator’s productivity. The adjustable seat & arm rest improve comfort and easier joystick controls and smartly placed pedal positions enable convenient operation. It also comes with the provision for an optional AC.

Centralized Monitoring System

This system helps the operator to keep track of the machine stats in an easily understandable way. It displays key information like seven warning indicators, water temperature, fuel level, hour meter, engine oil pressure, battery level and engine coolant temperature.

Foldable Pedals

All pedals are foldable for additional floor space. Footrest, attachment pedal, left and right travel pedals and boom swing pedal are arranged for convenient access.


Upper & Lower Frame

Low stress, high strength steel is integrally welded to form a stronger, more durable upper and lower frame. Structural Integrity was tested by way of Finite Element Methods analysis and long term durability test.

Strong Boom & Arm

Made with high tensile strength steel, the boom & arm are reinforced with steel bearings and internal baffle plates to maximize impact strength

Durable Track & Roller

The tracks and roller are made from high tensile steel, which lends them high durability in heavy duty operations.

Structural Strength

The R35Z-9 cabin structure has been fitted with stronger but slimmer tubing for added safety and improved visibility.


Boom Safety Holding Valve

The Holding Valve keeps attachments locked and prevents them from drifting due to gravity during prolonged overhanging.

Safety Lever

This feature acts as a lock against any unintended machine movements. When locked, it prevents hydraulic functions of the machine, thus adding an extra layer of safety.

Automatic Swing Brake

This feature locks the boom and arm while the machine is travelling, thus preventing any accident.

Engine Fan Guard

During maintenance, when the engine is to be worked upon while it is functional, the guard acts a layer of safety for the mechanic.

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