Hydraulic Construction Excavators 215 SMART Plus


Hyundai's 215 SMART Plus excavator is built for excellent productivity through its smooth performance and unmatched efficiency available at best excavator price in India. This excavator is designed with a long undercarriage for better stability and an advanced ECO Mode to ensure higher profits through maximum fuel efficiency.

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    Equipment UNIT 215 SMART
    Engine Model Cummins 6BT5.9C
    Gross Power (HP) HP @ rpm 140 @ 2000
    Operating Weight Kgs 21700
    Bucket Range cu.m 0.92-1.00
    Swing speed rpm 11
    Travel speed, high/ low km/hr 5.3/ 3.4
    Max. digging reach on ground mm 9500
    Max. digging Depth mm 6220
    Tail swing radius mm 2830
    Bucket digging force kgf. 15500
    Arm crowd force kgf. 12000


Optimise Efficiency. Maximise Profitability.


Electro Hydraulic Flow Control

To ensure best productivity, the Variable Displacement Axial Piston type pump with electro hydraulic control function provides a wide range of flow at various workloads. The open center design of the main control valve provides fast synchronization between joystick and hydraulic components. Thus increasing speed and smoothness of operations.

Arm Regeneration

Arm regeneration helps to recirculate hydraulic energy from return line to pump supply line for smooth and fast arm operation. It prevents cavitation and enhances performance of hydraulic excavator.

Digital Cluster with Color Display and Work Mode Selection

The digital cluster displays key machine information like oil temperature, coolant temperature, and other vital statistics. Optimized performance at best excavator price can be achieved by letting operator to choose between two power modes, two work modes and two User Modes.

High Bucket Digging Forces

The Hydraulics and attachments are designed to offer high digging forces.


One-Touch Deceleration & Auto-Idle

One touch deceleration switch on top of LH joystick lowers the engine RPM when selected. The saves fuel by regulating pump and engine. Auto Idle function moderates engine RPM to idle state when machine remains idle for 4 sec by enabling MCU to send a signal to engine. This in turn reduces fuel consumption and operation cost.

Swing Priority

The auto-piloted swing priority increases hydraulic oil flow to swing circuit in combined operation, which leads to faster swing cycle for more productivity & profitability.

Fuel Saving Kit

The sensors in this kit monitor undue loads and send signals to the Main Control Valve to cut down unnecessary fuel consumption. It helps to increase fuel efficiency.


The spacious air-conditioned cabin in hydraulic excavator creates a very comfortable working environment for the operator. The seat comes with 7 Adjustments including seat height movement. Soft joystick control ensures increased productivity and higher operator efficiency.


Strong Boom & Arm

The boom & arm of hydraulic excavator made with high tensile strength steel, reinforced with steel bearings and internal baffle plates to maximize impact strength.

Forged Ring Body

New forged ring body in lower frame enhances the durability, structural integrity and increases the excavator life.

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

The Side Member of hydraulic excavator are reinforced to protect the idler from any damage in tough terrains. A heavy-duty track shoe provides better stability and durability on harsh terrains.

Reinforced Bucket Linkage

The Control link of hydraulic excavator is casted in one-piece design. The bucket linkages are reinforced to ensure high durability and high bucket digging forces.


Automatic Engine Overheat Prevention

This feature monitors coolant temperature and automatically lowers engine speed if it overheats, thereby preventing premature failure of the excavator.

Counterbalance & Holding Valve

The Counterbalance Valve prevents the hydraulic excavator from rolling down on steep slopes by applying hydro-static braking. The Holding Valve keeps attachments locked and prevents them from drifting due to gravity during prolonged overhanging.

Anti-Restart System

This feature in hydraulic excavator prevents the starter from restarting during the engine operation when operator accidentally turns on the start key. Thus preventing accidental damage to the engine.

Added Tank Cowl

The tank cover on the hydraulic excavator keeps the fuel tank safe from hitting against any external objects during excavation operations

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