Rock Breakers

a. Change from long stroke to short stroke according to operator’s need for optimal performance.

Seal System

a. NOK seals enable longer seal life. Additional square buffer seal increases durability of gas seals and step seals while also minimising the piston’s shaking action.

Energy Regeneration Value

a. The flow energy after the piston hits the chisel and retracts back to cylinder is harnessed up to 15% and applied on the flow energy back down.

Valve Case with Total Power Control (TPC) System

a. Shortened height and length along with more width provide an additional balance
b. 6-bolt Valve Plate provides increased durability
c. Advanced functions (optional): BPM Adjuster, Relief Valve, 2-stroke control valve

2-Stroke Remote Control System

a. Connected to the cabin so that operator can change strokes easily without wasting time
b. Improved performance
c. Reduced energy wastage

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