Parts Network


"Best Product Support" for dealers and customers worldwide.

Hyundai Heavy Industries runs the global logistics system network through 1 depot, 7 corporations,
402 part dealers and 45 local part agencies for the best product support.

"24-hour domestic delivery and 48-hour international delivery system"

Hyundai Heavy Industries adopted WMS(Warehouse Management System)

for real-time supervision and inspection for the entire process and efficient warehouse management; all parts have bar-code labels for part management/operation, which is linked to Web System to provide various information including order progress, shipping information, electronic documents, etc.....

Hyundai India Parts Centre is located at Chakan (Pune) in Maharashtra, is a state of art facility where every part is given exceptional care. The India Distribution Centre is strategically located at  150 km from Mumbai, 1100 km from Chennai and 1500 km from Delhi to cover major terrain of Indian sub-continent. Three Regional Distribution Centres at Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata serves as regional feeding points for more specific geographies of North, South and East India. Distribution Centres are having a covered area of 50,000 sq ft plus and are networked through common web platform for on-time parts availability.

Distribution Centres caters to the need of 27 dealers with 130 outlets from Calicut to Chandigarh and Surat to Shillong. We maintain 95% availability of parts on a month on month basis handling around 30,000 line items having loading facility for 350 vehicles per month.

A dedicated team takes care from receipt, labeling, packaging, storing and despatch to the finest details conforming to the quality standards. The vertical storage system helps in quick retrieval of parts and the plant next door helps in with the ease of operation. 

Hyundai Rock Breakers are well proven for the robust built and higher productivity.Hyundai  has incorporated the latest HDB-9 series technology which is lighter, stronger and more powerful than ever.

Hyundai rock breakers are well versed with latest technology such as - 
-2 Stroke Selector System.
-Seal System.
-Energy Regeneration Valve
-Total Power Control System
-Anti Blank firing system
-Under water works
-Auto greasing system
-BPM adjuster
-Low noise housing bracket
-Central supply grease unit

Hyundai Rock Breakers - Best in class , Durability , Reliability & Performance

Why use Hyundai Hygen Reliable Hydraulic Oil ? 
-Better quality base oil.
-Superior additive packages.
-Exceed industry specifications.
-Designed to meet Hyundai Construction Equipments stringent quality requirement.

Hyundai Hygen Hydraulic Oil is suitable for outdoor and cold enviroment as they are engineered for operation temperature range. A shear suitable formulation providing greater mechanical and volumetric effectiveness which improves energy efficietncy and reduce fuel consumption. 
Choosing  the good quality hydraulic oil is important because it is the 'Lifeblood' any hydrualic system.
Most of the mineral hydrualic oils in the market are blended with Group I base oil (Sovlent extracted).
Use only Group II (hydroprocessed) base oils