Genuine Parts

The parts guarantee the bestreliability.
stability and functions and long lifespan of the equipments.

Parts are the same design as the ones assembled at production of the construction equipments
supplied by Hyundai Heavy Industries and guarantee long lifespan of the equipments
as well as the best operation reliability
and stability proved by rigorous quality inspection and tests to meet the requirements.


Genuine parts are not individual products but part of the systems with operation function;
and realize functions necessary for the equipments. All functional parts operate perfectly and maintain consistent quality
Various free A/S and 100% warranty benefits are available only for genuine parts by Hyundai Heavy Industries.




Genuine product Label

  • Use parts with Hyundai Heavy Industries label
  • The label industries it is a genuine
  • Hyundai products and guarantees
  • The best service and warranty..




Genuine Product Package

  • Genuine product package indicates that the
  • parts are safely managed. Hyundai genuine
  • product package is carefully designed to avoid leaning
  • or damage through various types
  • of packaging customized for individual parts.