Customer Support

Hyundai supports the customers by providing a wide range of services in order to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of the product.




Hyundai has introduced CUSTOMER contact through "SPARSH" .This reaches out customers whose machines are out of warranty by providing free visits and machine health checkup.

In a competitive marketplace where buisness competes for customer; Customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator.Hyundai believes in this ideology & hence utmost importance is given for customer satisfaction.In order to drive the same Hyundai has a 24/7 Toll Free number 180030000100, where customers can address their concerns & queries related to the product & product requirements, which will be solved on top priority.

Hyundai aims at improving the performance of individuals & groups in all environment.In order to achieve, Hyundai has designed number of training programs for its customers, dealers and operators giving a better understanding about the product & their utilization through training programmes.